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Hello! Welcome to my piano website. My name is Ann Bengston. My studio is in my home. I reside at 393 Princess Circle, Versailles, Kentucky.

Educational Background

I graduated from Asbury University, cum laude, in 1972 with a bachelor of Arts in Music Eucation. Then in 1977, I received a Masters in Music Education from Eastern Kentucky University, graduating summa cum laude. Since then, I have also attended a number of piano workshops offered each year, by very skilled music performers and composers. These learning experiences have given me many ideas that have helped to improve my teaching.

Teaching Experience

In the fall of 1972, I accepted a position to teach music at two elementary schools in Versailles, seeing 600 students a week. At the end of five years, the elementary music program was dropped. I then made the decision to teach provate piano, which I have now been doing for the past 40 years. Finally, I have also taught the Kindermusik program which has given me a lot of experience with younger children in a group setting.

Teaching Philosophy

Through the years, I have taught students with a wide variety of abilities, from average to very gifted. I have accepted anyone who has a desire to play, because I believe every person should have the opportunity to awaken the music within him or her. I know that developing the skill of making music can be very beneficial to other areas of learning, as well.

My goal is for each student to have a successful piano experience. Part of that is having good communication with parents. That allows me to know if I need to make changes. I will always be open to trying another approach if what I am doing is not working.

I teach primarily on an acoustic, "regular", piano but also use a Yamaha Arius digital keyboard in my teaching. Students love the opportunity to explore a variety of sounds that challenge their creativity and make their music come alive. I am also able to use the keyboard to provide accompaniments that go with the Faber Piano Adventure series, which I use with levels 1-4. "This addition also greatly enhances the student's musical experience."

Teaching Materials

One of my major goals is to tailor what I teach to each student, so he or she can gain the most benefit and really enjoy what they are playing. That means that I don't necessarily use the same books with every student, even if they are on the same level. And if I feel that some need more supplementary materials to reinforce certain concepts, I add them. I also believe that it is really important to get to know students better and to find out what music they like. So, I teach a wide variety of materials to keep lessons interesting. Some of these include the genres of classical, pop, jazz or sacred music.

I do include both technique, used to help students play more musically, and theory to give them a solid foundation in music fundamentals. I also use a number of online music games, which can be accessed at home, to reinforce important concepts. Student really enjoy this approach.

Yearly Goals

I believe that it is very important to work toward very specific goals. So, my students participate in two recitals a year, usually in November and May. They are not forced to perform, but I do strongly encourage it. In addition to these two events, we give a Christmas program at Taylor Manor, a nursing home in Versailles. Some students also play at the churches. These various performance venues allow them to gain more confidence for the future as well as give enjoyment to others.


Learning to play the piano is both fun and fulfilling, but it does take a commitment for both parents and students if there is to be successful progress. Just like any other skill, consistent practice is the key . The amount will vary, depending on the student. The important thing is that there should be sufficient practice for steady improvement. Finally, it is imperative to have either a piano or good keyboard.


I teach lessons from 3:00 to 8 pm. Monday-Friday and Saturdays from 9:00 to 4:00. I do teach some adults and home-schooled students earlier on weekdays. I also teach year-round but take a week's break before summer lessons start and another week off before school starts in the fall. I follow the public schools' breaks for Christmas and spring break.


Tuition is paid by the month. I do not deduct for lessons missed, but I do make up under certain circumstances. The following fees are very competitive with other teachers in the area who have comparable educational backgrounds and teaching experience, especially considering the length of the lessons.

My fees for the 2017-2018 year are as follows for four lessons a month: $115.00 for 40 minutes and $141.50 for 50 minutes.

Parent Testimonials

Mrs Bengston is an outstanding teacher, whose love of children and music creates a wonderful learning environment. She is kind and patient with her students and always encourages them to do their best. The two annual recitals have helped my children build confidence in their performance skills and motivated them to pursue more challenging pieces. She takes the time to get to know each of her students and strives to brings out the best in them. She has instilled a love of music in my children that will last a lifetime.
Lynn Fuller

Mrs. Ann Bengston is an ecellent piano instructor. She is able to take young children and transform them into skilled piano players by the time they graduate from high school. Mrs. Bengston keeps their interest by finding music they enjoy playing and taking them at a pace that keeps them challenged but not so overwhelmed that they get frustrated and lose interest. Her students' progressions each year, as seen at her recitals, is the best illustration of her teaching talent. Also, the variety of recital music, from hymns to difficult classical pieces to pop music, displays her versatility in teaching. Finally, her experience allows her to know how to perfect each student's ability as well as helping them all be their best.
Tyra Evans

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Bengston going five years. It's amazing to see how much she has grown in that time. I listen to my daughter's playing in awe sometimes, as I see her discipline and enthusiam. Mrs. Bengston is a great piano teacher! She is patient and brings out each child's unique talent. We are grateful to have her.
Carol Blair

Contact Information

If you would like to contact me, I would be happy to talk with you. I can be reached at 859.533.0124 or abengston@hotmail.com

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Versailles, KY
(859) 533-0124