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  • M.Mus. Performance (piano), Miami University, Oxford, OH (1996)
  • B.S.ed. K-12 Instrumental Music, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO (1993)

About the Instructor:

I have been teaching piano since 1990 (full-time since 2002). My parents are both musicians, and so I grew up surrounded by music. I studied piano in college and graduate school, earning degrees in both music education and piano performance.

I have done a fair amount of collaborative piano, mostly specializing in music for horn and piano. I have also played with local choral groups and as a substitute pianist for South Arkansas Symphony on two occasions. Now that I have two young children at home, there is not much time for performing, but I hope to get back to it when they are older. For now my career is focused solely on teaching piano.

I am inspired by the enthusiasm of my students. I strive to make my lessons full of music-making, in an encouraging and cheerful atmosphere. I also have high expectations for each student, and work to help them achieve their goals.

My studio's mission is to help each student develop a lifelong love of music through playing the piano. It is my priority to make sure students are given the tools they need to become independent learners and reach their potential as musicians.

About the Studio:

My lesson curriculum includes repertoire, ear-training, sight-playing, technique, music theory, improvisation, performance practices, and composition. Lessons are tailored to the student's individual learning pace and interests.

I use the American College of Musicians Guild Syllabus as an annual curriculum guide, and all students are encouraged to participate in yearly Guild Auditions.

I work with each student to select appropriate core instructional materials. Supplementary materials are used as needed to help students develop fully as pianists and musicians. These will include sheet music in various musical styles, pieces composed or arranged by the instructor, customized technical exercises as well as standard technique books, ear-training exercises, theory worksheets and music education software.

The six days between lessons are integral to the student's progress, so a portion of each lesson is also devoted to teaching the student how to practice. Students who learn good practice techniques and habits have a much better chance of becoming independent learners.

You may also visit my studio website at www.pianolex.com for details regarding scheduling and rates. You may also contact me by phone at (859) 539-7497 or e-mail to adrienne@pianolex.com.

Professional Affiliations:

Music Teachers National Association
Kentucky Music Teachers Association
Bluegrass Area Music Teachers Association (President)

Studio Location
Lexington, KY
(859) 539-7497