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Candice Fouch began taking piano lessons at the age of nine. Wanting to soak in any and all information that she could, she would spend many hours as a child practicing the piano: making her parents have to pull her off the bench to eat or go to sleep. Continuing her piano lessons through high school and college, she was able to study under the accomplished teaching style of Mildred Snyder, former concert pianist. She still continues to further her own love, style, and technique for the piano, through lessons with Dr. Ya-Liang Chang at Northern Kentucky University. Working with younger children for over ten years now gives her the ability to interact in fun exciting ways with each child in their individual lesson. She is trained in:

  • Aural Skills (Ear Training)
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Alexander Technique
  • Piano Technique
  • Experience directing several children's choir

Survey's conducted by the American Music Conference says, "Students who study music achieve higher test scores." Music is an activity that works both sides of the brain at the same time making it aesthetic and kinesthetic: every child should have the chance to participate in making music.


B.A. Degree from Northern Kentucky University to be awarded May 2011


Our studio focuses on repertoire, ear-training, sight-playing, technique, music theory, and performance practices. Focusing on each of these important fundamentals will strengthen student's musicality. Each student will be given tailored lessons and individual goals to work towards: and will be assessed on their individual accomplishments every quarter.

Every student is given a tailored practice time for the six days in between to prepare them for the following lesson. The time between lessons is vital for each student's individual progress. Therefore, every lesson will consist of learning how to practice efficiently.

Repertoire, tailored for each individual student will be selected for their level of piano, and each student will be given the opportunity to choose a piece to their own style and level (pop, sacred, jazz, broadway, etc.) Each student will be expected to participate in the quarterly performance classes: this will help in preparation for studio recitals.

The studio will hold two recitals each year, and each student is expected to participate. Awards will be given to each student, awarding the achieved individual goals that have been set.

For more information you may email me at candice.fouch@yahoo.com or contact the studio at 859-575-3395

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Florence, KY
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