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Piano lessons with Carolyn:

  • I hope to introduce students to the joy of playing the piano.
  • I hope to help students develop a lifelong appreciation for music.
  • Piano lessons should make a student feel confident in their ability to learn and grow.
  • Piano students should feel comfortable and supported in their lessons. They can get the most out of lessons if they know they are respected and their questions and opinions are validated.
  • Learning piano requires a strong foundation in music theory. Understanding the language of music helps you to learn songs more quickly and appreciate them more fully.
  • I provide students with a music education that is individualized to their personal learning styles and musical interests.

Carolyn's background and qualifications:

Growing up in a musical family, I began playing piano at age four. I've taken lessons from a variety of wonderful and distinguished teachers over the years. I graduated summa cum laude in May 2007 from Elmhurst College, with a Bachelor of Arts in music and psychology. My coursework included music theory, piano performance, piano pedagogy, educational psychology, and developmental psychology. I taught piano for five years in Illinois before moving to Wisconsin in 2011. In addition to teaching, I have been an accompanist for church services, high school choirs, voice recitals, and musical theater. I am a current member of the Milwaukee Area Piano Teacher's Association. I am constantly learning as much as I can about teaching piano, so I can be the best teacher to my students. I do this by discussing piano repertoire and methods with other teachers, attending meetings and lectures, and reading books on all aspects of piano performance and pedagogy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or read more at my website.

Studio Location
Oakland Ave. and Capitol Dr.
Shorewood, WI