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Daphne M Walters, BM, CPP

An innovative studio dedicated to an enjoyable and comprehensive study of piano and love of music-making. Finally, a piano program that's making people smile!

Daphne is a passionate pianist and teacher, dedicated to enriching the lives of others through music. She graduated Magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Northern Kentucky University while studying with "Artist in Residence" and "Honored Artist of Ukraine," Sergei Polsumiak. In 2008, Daphne received a Certificate in Piano Pedagogy from NKU under esteemed pedagogue, Carolyn Hagner.

Students at DMW Piano Studio are immersed in an all-encompassing curriculum, receiving instruction in the areas of technique, sight-reading, aural recognition, theory, music history, musicianship, and performance practice. They have opportunities to participate in the Carnegie Hall Achievement Program, Junior Music Experience, and MTNA-sponsored events. Daphne works hard to ensure that each student receives the highest possible education in the field of music and fosters these young musicians into tomorrow's pianists.

In addition to outside music festivals and events, DMW Piano Studio holds several showcase recitals each year where students demonstrate the progress they have made while motivating each other through a friendly environment and interaction with peers.

DMW Piano Studio frequently offers special incentives to new students. Contact the studio today, and find out what we have to offer you!

Website: www.dmwpianostudio.com
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Phone: (859) 992-8511

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