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Experience: In addition to more than 10 years of experience in teaching piano, theory and composition up to the university level, Ms. Heo is an accomplished musical artist. Her compositions have been performed in Germany, Asia and the United States and have been featured in several international music festivals. Her work has been published in written scores and on CD.

Ms. Heo has also performed sacred music for more than 20 years, serving a variety of congregations.

She is a member of many leading music associations such as the International Alliance for Women in Music, the Music Teachers National Association, Chicago Area Music Teachers Association and the 21st Century Music.

Education: Ms. Heo has earned advanced music degrees from several universities, including a masters degree in composition from Northwestern University. She also studied at Robert Schumann Musikhochschule, Duesseldorf, Germany where she received a Diplom (the equivalent of a masters degree) in composition and a minor in piano. Additionally, she graduated from Yon Sei University with a bachelor's degree in composition and a minor in piano.

Students: Ms. Heo has experienced in helping students of every level develop their gifts in and love of music. Students range from young beginners, to university students majoring in music to senior adults. Ms. Heo also stages two recitals a year for her students. She is pleased that many of her students have participated in and won awards in music competitions.

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Studio Location
Glastonbury, Connecticut
(860) 430-5904