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I'm a classically-trained and jazz-trained pianist. I have been playing piano since age 8 (34 years playing). I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.

I'm able to teach children and young people in a fun and hands-on manner, as well as adults. Learn to play, sightread, and understand music theory. I prepare for my students' lessons and individually keep track of their progress. I'm communicative with parents concerning the progress of the child student.

My approach to piano instruction goes well beyond playing the right notes at the right time. I incorporate musicality, dynamics, phrasing, pedaling and technique in order to keep the hand, wrist, arm, and body in a natural position as often as possible. The music that results is crafted to be musical, not mechanical, allowing for both the intent of the composer to be clear to the listener as well as the individual artistry of the performer. I also include theory (and touch on sound physics) in lessons so that the student has a fuller grasp on what they are performing, and why it sounds like it does. Scales and arpeggios are also included as invaluable exercises which each pianist should know. Both classical and jazz instruction are available.

I have a clean background and use no drugs (except the caffeine in my morning coffee).

Lessons prices are as follows:
30 minutes: $30
45 minutes: $42
1 hour: $50

These prices include travel time to and from your home.

I prefer to stay within the following zip codes:

21093, 21286, 21204, 21234
21208, 21207, 21206, 21236
21128, 21220, 21221, 21224
21057, 21030, 21131, 21117
21136, 21236, 21244, 21152
21212, 21239, 21214

I may be able to travel outside these zip codes, depending on the distance from my home.

Piano playing can be an enjoying (and eventually lucrative) part of your life. It is not too late to start.

My own recordings (taken with a simple webcam) can be heard at www.josephorlandopianist.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in learning to play this wonderful instrument.

Thank you,
Joseph Orlando

Studio Location
Baltimore, MD
(443) 865-1069