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I teach piano out of my home in the Lutherville-Timonium area of Baltimore County, Maryland. I'm currently accepting new students. I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.

I began learning piano at the age of eight and continued through high school, college, and beyond.

My classical piano training was from world-renowned Filipino pianist, Reynaldo Reyes, who won numerous piano competitions throughout the world, toured, made recordings, and taught extensively throughout his life.

My jazz piano training was from the late Robert Fields, who also toured extensively, made recordings and performed with Johnny Carson and Engelbert Humperdinck.

I've been performing professionally in the Baltimore area for over 25 years, and have performed at such venues as the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, the Four Seasons Hotel, the Towson Sheraton, the Gramercy Mansion, Antrim 1844, Martin's Valley Mansion, The Cloisters as well as numerous retirement communities and nursing homes (where I perform on a recurring basis). Currently, I perform more at retirement communities and nursing homes than any other type of venue.

I've also performed in musicals, as well as in the recording studio.

Concerning lessons:

My approach to piano instruction goes well beyond playing the right notes at the right time. My goal is that each student grow as a musician and be able to craft music which is, in fact, musical, allowing for both the intent of the composer to be present and clear as well as the student’s individual artistry.

I teach proper technique and posture, setting up the student for long-term success. I also incorporate the use of dynamics, phrasing and pedaling into the music as well as sight-reading, music theory, music history, and improvisation into the lessons.

I prepare for my students' lessons and individually keep track of their progress. I'm communicative with parents concerning the progress of the child student.

Being that, as mentioned, I was fortunate enough to have separate teachers for both classical piano and jazz, I'm able to offer both classical and jazz lessons, from beginner to advanced.

I hold student recitals twice a year as an opportunity for students to share their music with others and celebrate their successes.

Lessons prices are as follows:
30 minutes: $30
45 minutes: $42
1 hour: $50

Family discount:

Two 30-minute lessons of family members are billed as a single hour ($50), rather than two separate 30-minute lessons ($60).

If you're interested in taking piano lessons with me, please first take a moment to review my Studio Policy on my website and then contact me so that we may discuss it further.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in learning to play this wonderful instrument.

Thank you,
Joseph Orlando

Studio Location
Lutherville, MD
(443) 865-1069