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I am am from Brookville, Long Island.

I studied clarinet, recorder, guitar and piano as a child. Later I attended the State University of Old Westbury where I obtained my B.A. In my second year of college, I began to study at the Guitar Workshop in Roslyn. I studied classical guitar under the late Kent Sidon, and under Jerry Willard, and I studied traditional finger picking styles with several well-known current artists. I was hired as a student teacher soon after beginning my studies.

I subsequently returned to college and attended the State University of Stony Brook where I studied piano and piano pedagogy (the art of teaching), as well as music theory, history, and composition at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, I taught piano through the advanced level for over 25 years.

During this time, I developed the highly individualized approach that I promote at Kathryn Brickell Music. More recently, I have studied violin, voice, and flute as well as studio recording and jazz improvisation.

In the course of my music studies, I encountered many, many teachers, good, mediocre, and bad. It was this experience that led me to develop such a profound desire to offer quality lessons.

I created Kathryn Brickell Music to provide high quality music instruction to students of all ages and levels. In recent years, I have developed special programs for ages 3 -6 years. My school currently offers instruction in all instruments, including voice, orchestra, and band.

Studio Location
I teach anywhere on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and NYC
(516) 729-1961