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Piano Lessons in NYC (5 Boroughs) and Long Island.

KATHRYN BRICKELL MUSIC offers piano lessons in your home or in our teachers studio. We offer careful student-teacher matching and custom programs of study at affordable rates. Our teachers are certified and carefully screened.

Who We Are

Kathryn Brickell Music has offered quality private music instruction to students in Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for over 20 years.

We offer 30, 45 and 60-minute lessons in the student's home on all instruments including piano, keyboard, voice, guitar (electric and acoustic), bass and drums as well as orchestra and band instruments.

We are highly sought after for all of our services however we may be most renowned for our piano lessons. Suffolk County, NY, and surrounding areas turn to us for all of their music instruction needs. Whether you are looking for piano lessons Brooklyn or piano lessons at home, we are the number one destination for piano lessons NYC.

We believe that music study builds confidence and self-esteem and improves concentration. That's why we offer kids piano lessons in Roslyn, Huntington and all other locations in the region. The sooner they begin the more benefits they will reap in all aspects of their life.


Our teachers are carefully screened for integrity, professionalism, and experience. We pay close attention to student-teacher compatibility.

We teach all styles of music including classical, rock, pop, Broadway and jazz.

In our lessons, we create a personalized program of study tailored to each and every student's needs.

We have a special, unique, and proven successful program for children ages 4-5 which takes advantage of children's remarkable ability to learn during these important developmental years. Whether you are looking for kids piano lessons in Roslyn or any other town in the New York metropolitan area, piano lessons are a great way to make more productive and enjoyable use of your child's time.

Instruments We Teach

Kathryn Brickell Music offers lessons in the following instruments and subjects:

Piano Lessons

If you are an adult, either just starting out or continuing your studies, piano lessons are a wonderful way to participate in the enjoyment that music brings us in our everyday lives.

As for children, studies have shown that children who learn to play a keyboard instrument are more likely to excel in virtually every facet of their scholastic pursuits.

We offer both traditional and non-traditional approaches in our piano lessons, according to which is most appropriate for the student.

Keyboard Lessons

Many do not wish to purchase a piano until they are sure the student will continue to show an interest in learning. Others prefer the convenience of a portable instrument, and yet others simply prefer the variety of options an electric keyboard has to offer. These include the headphone jack, composition software, and different sounds, just to mention a few.

Guitar Lessons

We offer lessons in acoustic as well as electric guitar. Acoustic guitar includes classical, pop, jazz and rock guitar. Electric guitar is best suited to rock and jazz musical styles.

Electric Bass Lessons

We offer electric bass lessons, as well. Electric bass is best suited to rock and jazz musical styles.

Voice Lessons

We have a variety of voice teachers as well as vocal coaches. Some of our teachers are more suited to teaching children while others are more appropriately assigned to teens and/or the adult professional. Students may study classical and/or popular vocal music.

Voice lessons include instruction on protecting the vocal chords, ear training, warming up, presentation, and repertoire. They also include vocal technique including breath control, pitch, and range.

String Lessons

Lessons in violin, viola, cello and upright bass include correct positioning of the bow, the instrument and the hands, as well as proper bowing and playing technique, including intonation.

Wind Lessons

Lessons in flute, saxophone, oboe, and clarinet include correct breath control and phrasing, as well as proper embouchure. Repertoire may be classical, jazz, or popular, as desired.

Brass Lessons

Our brass department offers lessons in trumpet, trombone, French horn, and tuba. Proper embouchure and breathing technique, as well as scales, phrasing, fingering, tone, range, and endurance are addressed in the lessons.

Repertoire may be classical, jazz, or popular, as desired.

Drum Lessons

Our drum instructors have varying backgrounds and are prepared to accommodate the student's requests regarding the genre of music the student is interested in learning. Keeping time, correct posture, positioning of instruments (height and angle), seating distance from the drum set, and setting the drumsticks at the correct point in the swing are topics which are covered in the lessons. We stress playing smoothly and evenly at first, and then focusing on speed and power later as the student progresses. We can also accommodate the more advanced student.

Music Theory Lessons

Music theory is helpful in understanding music on a deeper level than just playing the notes and chords. If the student wishes to learn theory, our teachers are prepared. Theory includes many aspects of music such as understanding, memorizing and applying scales, key signatures, and the circle of fifths to his/her repertoire and/or original compositions.

Ear training may also be incorporated into the program if the student wishes. Ear training is the development of the student's ability to listen and recognize what s/he hears. Students may learn to play and sing above the notes s/he plays and/or to notate music.

Improvisation Lessons

Improvisation is extemporaneous composition. The more advanced student can learn to play original music based on existing music or on a chord progression and/or melody. Jazz is the most well known genre in which improvisation is employed.

Composition Lessons

Students of music may at any time wish to compose their own original music. Our teachers are supportive of the student's desire to compose. Depending on the student's level and goals, we can assign the appropriate composition teacher if in fact a different teacher is required other than the student's instrumental teacher.

Let KBM Bring the Joy of Music into your Home.
More information about Kathryn Brickell Music can be found at www.kbmusiclessons.com.

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