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I have performed, taught piano and accompanied professionally from the time since I was 15. As an undergraduate, I studied accompanying and coaching with coach and accompanist, Hans Peter Schilly and conductor Karl Randolph at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna, Austria. While filling a spot in the conservatory percussion section, under the guidance of Professor Hammer of the Vienna Symphony, I inadvertently became the first female percussionist to perform with an orchestra in public in Vienna. After graduating with a BA in piano from the University of Minnesota Moorhead, I traveled to Spain as accompanist for the First International Course for the Interpretation of Spanish Music, established by tenor, Ricardo Visus. I performed with students and toured with Visus, performing concerts in the Basque country of northern Spain. That year I had the distinct honor of becoming the youngest, foreign, female member of the faculty of the Conservatory of Music in Vienna as a vocal coach and piano instructor.

During my time in Europe I also coached and accompanied for the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, the American Choral Society of Vienna, numerous vocalists and choral groups, incidentally writing music, performing and recording. Among others I've had the privilege of working with coaches and singers Geoffrey Parsons, Martin Katz, John Wustman, Elio Battaglia, Elizabeth Holleque, Roberta Cunningham, Julie Prohaska, Ricardo Visus, Glenn Winslade, Peter Bailey, Georg Tichy, Kmsgr. Waldemar Kmentt. As an accompanist and young coach I enjoyed a brief but unforgettable association with the luminous Christa Ludwig.

In 1985 Ricardo Visus and I founded Cantares De España, performing concerts here and abroad under the auspices of various arts councils, universities, the Spanish Embassy, and the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain's Ministry of Culture and United States' Universities. After moving back to the Midwest to raise three sons, I've directed musicals, produced opera and recently had the pleasure of touring with the new European sensation, José Luis Sola. I accompanied him as he made his North American debut, performing nine concerts of Spanish song, opera and zarzuela, ending with a gala performance in the Hall of the Americas in Washington, D.C. Last summer I coached at the Semer Vocal Institute in Coesfeld, Germany and worked most recently with the brilliant young soprano, Erin Wall, preparing Daphne for the Santa Fe Opera. As well as coaching voice, teaching piano and performing, I enjoy facilitating creative development in a variety of organizational settings. I live and work in the Minneapolis area.

No one can promise to bring a student to the concert stage, but I guarantee each one will find his or her potential - L. Shores

Studio Location
The studio is located in the small town of Excelsior on the West side of Minneapolis.
Lessons are now available in Elbow Lake, Minnesota as well.