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Piano Studio of Lynn Keyes
Brookfield, Connecticut

I am a highly experienced piano and voice teacher and have taught for 20+ years. My love for music began early in life with involvement in piano and singing at school and community events. My interest in music continued, as I remained involved in various areas of music. My music teachers made a great impression on me as I saw how much joy and fulfillment they received and gave to others through music. Their example inspired me to continue my study in music and pursue the field of teaching.

I am proud of my profession and committed to have a high standard of professional conduct and personal integrity. I am committed to provide a balanced program of educational instruction that will encourage, guide, and develop the music potential of each student.

Lessons are given privately at the studio one time a week. Students of any age and performance level are welcome. I am very patient and tailor the lessons to fit each student's needs, abilities, and goals. Through proper instruction and practice, the student can develop an appreciation, understanding of music, and a skill that will enrich their life forever.

Each student has his own reason for taking music lessons. Some students may remain a music hobbyist, where other students may choose to pursue a music profession. Students are taught a variety of skills that will prepare them to pursue their choice field in music. Lessons include instruction in:

  • Basic technique
  • Solo and Ensemble playing
  • Music theory
  • Performance in various styles of music: classical, jazz, pop-rock, blues
  • Composition
  • Ear training

Students are highly encouraged to participate in performances offered outside the private lessons. Recitals give the students a chance to be recognized for their hard work as well as gain more confidence and a higher level of learning and understanding of music. Students learn many skills through recital participation that will prepare them for everyday experiences as well as music. Students learn stage presence, etiquette, poise, memorization skills, time management, and anxiety control.

The music industry is ever changing. New method books, teaching ideas, and music technology is being introduced everyday. To expand my knowledge and enhance my skills as a teacher and musician I attend professional meetings, conferences, and take an active role in professional organizations. It is important for students to see teachers continue to improve themselves. Students should understand that the learning process never stops as long as one remains involved in their profession.

Music is becoming a dying art in our community and schools. I support the schools and community in their efforts to keep music alive. I am involved in school and community programs, fundraising, promotional activities, as well as volunteer my skills as a musician.

Education & professional involvement:

  • B.S. degree in music from California State University, Long Beach
  • Professionally Certified through Music Teachers' National Association
  • Schubert Club of Fairfield County
  • National Guild of Piano Teachers
Studio Location
Brookfield, Connecticut
(203) 885-2246