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I have been teaching students of all ages for over 19 years and hold a Masters Degree in Music. I have also worked in the public school system as a music teacher, directed children's choirs, and choreographed musicals. All of my students are treated with the care, respect and professionalism that they deserve. I have always taught private lessons and believe that each student needs my individual and full attention to get the most out of their lessons. I take pride in my students successes and encourage them to work harder.

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Margarita Groysman has been my eight year old daughter's (Kimberly), piano teacher for the past seven months. Margarita shows enormous amounts of patience and tenacity.

Margarita has taken the time to teach Kimberly piano along with music appreciation, music theory and music history. Margarita incorporates rhythm, singing and other novel approaches to capture a young person's attention.

I am very pleased with the attention she has given my daughter and the skill she has provided Kimberly with her teachings.

- Michelle S. Dallas, TX

I take voice lessons with Margarita Groysman. Two weeks ago, on March 8th, I participated in a vocal competition in Texarkana and got 1st place. I am very happy and I still attend voice lessons with Mrs. Margarita. In a month I will sing in a recital hall and I am working on a very interesting program for that. Then, in the summer, I will preform musicals at summer camp.

Thank you, Mrs. Margarita, for helping me sing well.

- Casey L. McKinney, TX, 10 years old

I have been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Margarita Groysman for six and one half years. She has been my only piano teacher ever since I started playing. She is very kind to me and helps me correct my mistakes whenever I have a problem. This helps me with my progress and makes me want to play more at home. My parents are very delighted to hear me play what I have been taught and are glad to see me excel. I am happy that Mrs. Margarita is my teacher because she has shown me how great piano is.

- Ashley P., Lucas, TX, 11 years old

I have been taking one hour long lessons from Margarita Groysman for two and a half years. Before I was always frustrated with the "snail-like" slow progress of other teachers, so frustrated that I lost interest in piano altogether. At Margarita's Piano & Voice Studio, you can expect a comfortable, respectful environment where you can work at the pace you want.

- Bob L., McKinney, TX, 16 years old

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McKinney Piano & Voice Academy
1836 W. Virginia ste.205
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