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I was born in former Soviet Union, in the beautiful city of Baku. I started to learn piano at age 5 with wonderful teacher Galina Mihailovna Muhina who happened to be our neighbor. She taught me not only the piano techniques but she instilled in me the love and passion for the music that will remain with me for the rest of my life. At age 6 I passed the entering exams and was able to start the second grade of the Baku’s Conservatory, where I was learning for the next 7 years. When I was 16 my family and I moved to Israel where I started my study in Bar-Ilan University with the major in Musicology and minor in Psychology. During this time I took many courses in music theory, ear training, music literature, and piano performance. In addition to that I completed the music teacher’s certification program. I had an opportunity to play as a piano soloist, perform in duets, and ensembles. The following few years I dedicated to a slightly different field in music - Music Therapy. I finished my Master degree in Music Therapy in Bar-Ilan University, and started to work as a Music Therapist. I have been working with children with special needs and their families, and helped them to improve quality of their life using the music as the therapeutic tool. During all these years, music has become a special and very warm place where I could connect to my feelings, enjoy the beauty of the sound, relax, and learn how to listen. In 2008 when I moved to US, I started my private piano studio, and I try my best to share the same love and passion for the music with my students, that I’ve been taught as a child.

Studio Location
Olney, Maryland
(301) 758-0304