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Nicholas Michalopoulos was trained at Peabody and Paris Conservatories. He has been teaching classical and jazz piano as well as composition for almost six years. He teaches piano using a technique that not only allows students to quickly gain a comfort level with the instrument, but permits them to start playing pieces soon after they begin study. His course of unique training also provides harmonic and theoretical understanding of music that increases a student's ability to perform and interpret music. Mr. Michalopoulos’ current student body is diversified among students studying classical piano and those who are studying jazz and composition. He believes in tailoring the course of study around the student's interests and modifies his approach accordingly.

In his career, Mr. Michalopoulos has received various awards for classical, piano performance both from each of the aforementioned conservatories. More recently, he was awarded prizes for composition at a local competition for rising musicians in the Philadelphia area. After graduating from music school, Mr. Michalopoulos began a jazz performance career in Chicago. He is also an ardent composer and now writes for "Bebek, a prominent performing group in Philadelphia.

His musical teaching resume is strengthened by the MS he received in education from The University of Pennsylvania in 2003. He is also certified to teach English, French and music in Pennsylvania and taught for two years in the Philadelphia public school system.

I currently charge $45/hr. for lessons in my studio. I charge between $50 - $65 for lessons in student's home depending on distance travelled.

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Philadelphia, PA
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