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Sladjana Jovanovic (1955) works for 25 years as a piano teacher in MBUC "Ilija Nikolovski Luj" - Skopje (MBUC-Music and Ballet School), and in a private music studio NIVO. She finished her studies on the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje with a piano major and she is completed her Master of Arts in methodology for piano teaching. She is an active participant in many seminars held by prominent professors, such as Timakin, Brumberg, Koroljov, Dang Tai Shon, Ikuko Endo, Lasko, Valdma, Gadziev, Romanov, Makarova, Zaharieva...

She always participates in many international competitions with her students. Among other awards, her student won two III places in Paris at "Nikolai Rubinstein" 2002, 2004; I place in Vignola, Italy, 2002; II place in Valsesia, Italy, 2003; II place in Belgrade at "Vojislav Vuckovic", 2003; I place in Interlochen, USA 2003; two I places in Pristine "Ars Kosova", 2004; and more 20 other awards in Macedonia.

Sladjana Jovanovic is a universal musical artist; she has studied solo singing and violina. She is a conductor for many chorus, solo pianist, and corepetitor for string instruments and singers. She is a founder and conductor of the Women Chamber Chorus "Prechista" which held many performances in Europe and she has already recorded 2 CDs with Macedonian spiritual music.

As a journalist and publicist she publishes musical reviews and scientitions in many forums, seminars, congress and magazines. She has also published a book "Piano working of F. Mendelssohn as part at educational process of piano classes".

Sladjana is a President of Chopin Society in Macedonia, and NIVO society which organizes seminars, concerts, competitions, forums etc. She was the President of the Music Youth of Macedonia and she cooperates with many music societies in Macedonia and abroad.


Sladjana Jovanovic
"Kozle" 88, 2, 14
1000 Skopje

tel. ++ 389-2-308 60 39
mob. ++ 389-70-699 905
e-mail: sjovanovik@yahoo.com

Studio Location
"Kozle" 88, 2, 14
1000 Skopje
++ 389-2-308 60 39