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Aline Otten is Director of Music at St. Paul's Lutheran Church and teaches piano and organ students privately. A faculty member at the International School of Music in Bethesda. Ms. Otten is new to the area; previously lived in New Orleans and Indianapolis. A frequent recitalist in New Orleans with the Louisiana Philharmonic and other musicians from the orchestra.

Aline Otten taught general music to pre-kindergarten through eighth grade at St. Richard's Episcopal School, Indianapolis, IN and Kindergarten through eighth grade at St. Paul's Episcopal School, New Orleans. She developed the eight year curriculum for music education for six years incorporating the Orff and Kodaly methodology. A core part of the curriculum included exposure and study of symphonic music. Field trips to hear the symphony orchestra were arranged every year.

Aline Otten earned the Master of Music Degree in Organ Performance and Sacred Music from Indiana University. She earned The Bachelor of Music Degree in Organ Performance from Indiana University. She has a minor in Music Education and piano performance. Her organ teachers were Dr. Marilyn Keiser and Dr. Robert Rayfield. Piano instruction was with Dr. Robert Hughes.

Young Students:

Piano lessons can begin when children begin school. Each child is unique; generally age 6 or 7 is good for most children. Some children are ready at an earlier age. Lessons are 45 minutes or one hour, depending on the specific needs of the child. Thirty minute lessons are available for some students. Lessons include learning to read music, music theory, aural training (ear-training), improvisation, and technical exercises . Emphasis is placed on positive reinforcement. The philosophy is that all children can learn and feel good about themselves when they have made accomplishments through dedicated work. Personality of the teacher is also an important predictor of student success. A conscious effort is made to ensure that student instruction is given in the most positive way. When children receive positive feedback, they are motivated to learn. Children learn in a relaxed atmosphere and soon realize the rewards of their practice or hard work. Musical styles include classical, Broadway show tunes, popular and jazz. Students are involved in selection of repertoire.

Students are encouraged to participate in two recitals per year and Piano Guild Auditions.

Adult Students:

Adult students are wonderful "learners"; they are highly motivated and it is so exciting to see their progress. Adults at all levels are great to teach and are encouraged to select the pieces they would like to study. Adults learn to be patient with themselves; as they are creating "a new track" or new pathway in their brain. It is never too late to learn to play the piano!

Studio Location
Northwest Washington DC
(4900 Connecticut Ave.)
(301) 890-0563