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Over 20 years of Piano teaching experience of all student ages and levels. I started piano studies at age 3 in a family of accomplished musicians. Graduated from Tirana Conservatory of Music for piano and composition in 1988. Continued my studies in Vienna, Austria by the Universitat fur Music und darstellende Kunst from 1990-1992, while teaching private piano lessons on the site. From 1992 until 2004 I held the position as a Piano Instructor at Wenher's School of the Arts, during which time several of my students won state and local piano competitions and received scholarships to further their piano studies. From 1998 - 2008, I performed, accompanied, and taught piano at Jacksonville University. Currently, I teach piano at my private home studio and hold the position of the Music Director at Prince of Peace Church.

My piano method is mainly classical. However, my students play a variety of styles and genres and are exposed to a broad spectrum of musical styles. I also teach music theory and use Logic software for audio and Sibelius for music notation.

I am a continuing member of the National Federation of Music Clubs. Each year almost all of my students compete in the Regional and State competitions. In the past years (since 1994) all of my students have received a superior rating and several have additionally won at the State level.

I believe that every student is unique in their way of learning, understanding, and appreciating music. Given this, I always try to develop a way to help each student achieve their musical goals according to their personality and musical taste. As a pianist, I see music as an inspiration that comes from our hearts and flows through our fingers and I have tried my best to convey that thought to my students throughout all my years of teaching.

You can e-mail me at balina@balinapianostudio.com

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