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  • Born in London, Ontario Canada
  • Received degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and New England Conservatory.
  • Teachers included Sanford Margolis and Randall Hodgkinson.
  • Performed at weddings, galleries, embassies in Boston, New York and Washington DC.
  • Premiered George Russell's "Dialogue With Ornette" (Version for 3 keyboardists and violin, 1999) at Jordan Hall, Boston.


I earned my Master's degree from New England Conservatory and have 7 years of experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. 4 years ago I stumbled upon the Taubman technique, which is an invaluable tool for improving dexterity and preventing injury. As a performer I believe it is equally important to hear the direction of a phrase prior to putting hands onto the keyboard. My aim is to help my fellow pianist friends to facilitate communication between your ears, hands and heart. Beginners can benefit greatly by starting to learn and think in a way that has never been available in conventional teaching methods.

  • What you see on the score could often affect the way you use your fingers.
  • Your inner ear helps you to "auralize" (as in visualize) the direction, and the shape of your phrase, while your outer ear confirms the sound produced by your fingers, which are directed by the inner ear.
  • Playing the piano should feel as light as step-dancing as you finger up and down the white and black keys.
  • Smart listeners would know that swaying your body, closing your eyes, breathing or humming to the music would not improve the music quality of your playing, although truly enjoying what you do could result in the above actions.
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