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Brad has been a lifelong musician. Starting piano lessons at the age of 7, Brad set out to be a musician in the true sense of the word. From performing in band in High School to with bands in High School, eventually studying Music @ Washington State University under Hungarian Pianist, Bela Siki and Malcolm Seagrave. After finishing at Washington State, Brad's Band, Aviary, moved to California and was eventually picked up by Epic (now Sony) Records. Touring and recording. When the music scene turned to Grunge Rock, Brad went solo and was signed by MCA Records where he recorded his renowned album "Colours". Keeping up with music Brad has gone on to record & release 3 other CD's; "Through Another Door", "Soaring Solo's" (all solo piano material), and his newest Release in 2011 - "Army Of Shadows".

Brad has also taught hundreds of students over the past 17 years in Spring, Texas, a Suburb of Houston, until recently moving back to the Temecula Area of California. Brad is used to teaching a full studio of 40-50 students. Brad is a Member of the American College of Musicians Piano Guild and the Local Chapter of the Piano Guild.

Brad's Lesson Plan Consists of

  • 4 Half Hour Lessons per month (advanced students may go to 1 hour time slots)
  • Being a classical based teacher, Brad turns to the fundamentals of classical music, but also teaches popular styles to keep students interests.
  • Music Theory is taught.
  • Students will perform in Twice a Year Piano Recitals, which all students seem to truly enjoy.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Students are placed in competitions.
  • Brad's teaching style has been commended by many, and his patience with each student is commendable. Brad’s Students have reached acclaim in the top positions in competitions along with top positioning in High School Bands.
Studio Location
Temecula, CA
(951) 595-9132