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 "Cory Hall played two works of towering artistic content and difficulty with a power and a finish that were startling. Hall was up to it — all over the keyboard, but always conscious of the magic the notes were designed to evoke. It was an impressive performance." (The Sacramento Bee).

Cory Hall is a classical pianist, piano teacher, composer/arranger, recording artist, music editor, master music engraver, and independent scholar who operates the popular BachScholar™ YouTube Channel, which currently features hundreds of performance and tutorial videos that receive thousands of daily views worldwide. Hall is renowned for his pure tone and virtuoso technique, rapid learning abilities, and prodigious memory (with several hundred memorized piano performances) and records on his vintage 1929 Model L Steinway. Hall has many interests and has served many capacities including: concert artist (solo and accompanist), private piano teacher, college professor (humanities, music, piano), church organist, independent scholar.

Cory holds music degrees from California State University, Sacramento (B.M. in piano), The Eastman School of Music (M.M. in piano), and The University of Kansas (M.M. in historical musicology, D.M.A. in piano). His major piano professors include Dr. David Burge at the Eastman School of Music and Richard Reber at the University of Kansas. In addition, Cory has participated in masterclasses taught by some of the world's foremost artists and pedagogues, including: Abbey Simon, Claude Frank, Daniel Pollack, John Perry, Nelita True. As part of his duties as Founder/President of BachScholar Publishing, Cory teaches private students of all levels in his St. Petersburg studio as well as international students via Skype.

Not only does Cory to excel in the traditional classical piano literature, but he is regarded by many to be one of the world's foremost interpreters of Scott Joplin and classic ragtime music, ca. 1900-1920, which he often livens up and embellishes with his own unique arrangements. Cory has recorded most of Joplin's works on YouTube. As a composer, Cory often combines intriguing blends of diverse styles such as classical, pop, and new age and at other times uses his own unique romantic virtuoso style to create evocative character works, both sacred and secular.

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