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NJ piano teacher providing private piano lessons in Monmouth and Middlesex County New Jersey since 1991, and playing the piano for over 40 years. Classically trained educator providing lessons in all musical styles including: Pop, Jazz, Rock, and of course Classical to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players at my comfortable studio. I will insure the smooth transition between various playing levels and teach you the entire keyboard including: recognizing notes fluently, ledger line notes, recognizing chords and be able to play them, understanding tempo, meter signatures, key signatures, music terms, and improvisation. My method is classically based; however, I am not so stringent as to not introduce Popular Music, Jazz, and Standards to my students. I feel all forms of music help develop certain techniques and I present in a fun and enthusiastic way to help cultivate your love of the instrument and music. I hold regular Jazz and Classical recitals and if you are interested in competitive play, I can provide national or regional recitals, theory examinations, and third party professional evaluations that allow the student to obtain an objective assessment of themselves and of my teaching through the organizations I participate with.

For more information about me and if you are interested in scheduling a free meet and greet, please visit my website at www.feliciasmusic.com.

Felicia Wishner, Music Teacher

Studio Location
30 Route 79
Matawan, NJ 07747
(732) 804-5419