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Galina Cotler has over 20 years of experience teaching both children and adults. Although trained primarily as a classical pianist, Ms. Cotler teaches a wide variety of styles, including jazz and other popular music. Ms. Cotler takes a holistic approach to teaching her students, incorporating not only piano playing, but also music theory, ear training, memorization techniques, and training for performance.

Centrally located in La Jolla, Ms. Cotler is flexible with students’ needs and tailors her teaching program for each individual student.
Rachmaninov College of Music 1975-1979 Tiraspol, USSR
State Muzuochesco University, Masters Degree
Diploma: Teacher of Piano, Solfege,
Music Theory, Literature, and History,
1981-1986 Kishinev, USSR
Synagogue Music Institute
Organist for religious services
1992-1994 Los Angeles, CA
Nyaga College of Music
Piano Teacher
Chief of Piano Department
1979-1991 Kishinev, USSR
1986-1991 Kisinev, USSR
Active Member of the Music Teachers’
Association of California
1992-1994 Los Angeles
1994-Present San Diego
California Ballet Company
Company Pianist
1994-Present San Diego
Department of Theater and Dance
Pianist Accompanist
2000-Present San Diego
Studio Location
La Jolla, CA (UCSD area)
(858) 625-0053