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Inna Spevak started learning music at the age of 5. She belongs to the generation of Russian pianists and teachers who started their music career in the late 80s. Inna studied and graduated from the Moscow Music Gnessin Teacher Institute. She gave performances in a various concerts, participated in piano competitions, used to conduct and was a choir accompanist. Her work as a music teacher began while she was still studying in the institute: she started working as a music teacher at the Moscow music school as well as giving private lessons to students of various ages. She has received a diploma as a soloist concert pianist, concertmaster, and piano teacher.

Inna provides private lessons in Naperville, Illinois. Her teaching practice based on Russian methodologies of piano school and thorough technical mastery.

You can contact Inna at: 630/848-0111 for more information.

Studio Location
Naperville & Lisle areas, Illinois
(630) 848-0111