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Irina Roytshteyn began her piano studies at the age of six in Odessa, Ukraine. Mrs.Roytshteyn holds a BM in piano performance and pedagogy from Lutsk College of Music, Lutsk, Ukraine. In1976 Mrs. Roytshteyn began teaching piano in Music School #7 (Odessa, Ukraine). Piano instructor for students 6-14 years of age. Preparation for bi-annual concerts. Preparation for auditions for higher level course of study. Upon immigrating to the U.S. she studied with duo artists in residence Judith Burganger and Leonid Treer at Florida Atlantic University. Took courses in both undergraduate and graduate Piano Pedagogy as well as Piano Literature. Mrs. Roytshteyn has more than 30 years of teaching experience and she is a member of MTNA. Her students have participated in Student Day activities resulting in an Honors Rating. Several students been accepted into the Middle School of the Arts piano program. 1997 - Present private piano studio, instructor for students ages 4 - to adults. The study of music has been an integral part of a well rounded education for thousands of years. In my opinion teaching music is the most wonderful career, especially if it becomes an essential part of the student's life. I believe this is the greatest reward for a teacher. I enjoy working with both children and adults and believe that any student whether a child or adult, can gain great benefits and enjoyment through music. It' s a gift to treasure all through life.

Teaching Philosophy:
I try to incorporate the study of music into the student's own lifestyle in a natural way so as not to make it alien to his everyday life and the things that are enjoyable and necessary to him. However, together with this attitude I try to teach a love for work. I teach my students that music is something they can express their feeling with and enjoy, but at the same time I'd like them to understand that they need to work to feel a sense of accomplishment.
"Love and study the great art of music. It will open a whole new world of feelings, needs and thoughts, and will elevate you spiritually. You will see life in different shaded and colors."
D. Shostakovich

Studio Location
Lake Worth, FL 33463
(561) 966-7851