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I have been a professional pianist and teacher for 20 years in LA and Chicago. I started learning at 5 years old and play everything from classical to pop to hip hop to jazz and have studied with some of the top piano educators around, which has made me a professional level player and instructor. I began teaching right after college and have developed a style that is tailored to each individual and that gets to the fun part of playing very quickly. My primary goal is to have my students enjoy their progress as much as I enjoy teaching.

There are 2 myths I have heard my entire career:

Kids think it won't be any fun, and adults think they'll never be able to learn.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

All levels are welcome. Once you get past the basics, I help you with learning chords, music theory, jazz improvisation, classical repertoire, popular songs on the radio, arranging and more.

For adults, getting to the point of playing what you WANT to play on the piano does not take years: The high school pop tunes, your wedding song, contemporary hits and even the movie theme you heard last week... My method gives you just what you need to get to the point of reading melodies, playing chords and learning the grooves and styles to make it your own. We can fill in the theoretical gaps later.

For kids, I encourage their love of music while sneaking in as much knowledge as possible. A combination of learning songs in the lesson plan and songs they listen to on their ipod keeps them interested and inspired.

For more advanced students, we focus on your particular musical goals; for some it's classical repertoire, or jazz voicings and improvisation -- for others it's just being able to sit down at a party and play.

Let it be known: I am not one of those teachers who says "put your fingers on these notes and press down". I want you to read, and learn, and make your OWN music without me sitting over your shoulder for the rest of your life, telling you where to put your fingers.

This is personal training, built for you specifically.

I travel to Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Reseda, Encino, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Lake Balboa.... Or you can come to me in Van Nuys.

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Studio Location
Van Nuys, CA
near Kester School
(818) 415-6464