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Since 1997, has been the most influential and popular website featuring teachers to potential students. Each month, over 15,000 people visit our site (There were 69,967 page views in the month of September, 2011). Joining means continuous opportunities to meet new students and colleagues.

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  • For active concert artist members, your concert schedule will be posted free of charge. Also, if you have CDs available for purchase, we will post on our site free of charge.

Our experience tells most website visitors are interested in the contents/bio of the teacher. Running your own independent website could be costly and it would be more difficult to market your site independently. So, why not join already a popular site at a fraction of the cost.


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  • Have a bachelor's degree in music from an accredited music school, conservatory, or college/university.
  • Be a piano teacher, pianist, lecturer, clinician.

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For individual teachers: Membership fee for individuals is $37/year plus $40 non-refundable one-time set-up fee. Membership fee is paid annually.
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For music schools: Membership fee for music schools with multiple teachers is $99/year plus $50 one-time set-up fee. Membership fee is paid annually.
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For active concert artists: Membership fee for active concert artists is $99/year plus $50 one-time set-up fee. Membership fee is paid annually.
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