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Piano lessons for children and adults
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Improvisation

Lindsy Martin was born in Fountain Valley, California and comes from a musically talented family; a father from a famous Motown group and an uncle who played in the Chicago Symphony.

While attending Loyola Marymount University, Lindsy studied with concert pianist Sasha Alexeev. Shortly after graduating, she began teaching piano at the Music Maker Studio in Anaheim Hills, CA. Several years later she started her own music studio where she has taught piano for over 10+ years.

Lindsy is a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers from the American College of Musicians and is a new member of the Music Teacher’s Association. She has an incredible teaching gift and great relationship with all her students. Occasionally, she will sing with the Los Angeles Lawyer’s Philharmonic at the wonderful Walt Disney Concert Hall located in Los Angeles when she is not busy teaching piano and practicing law.

All students learn technique, theory, aural skills, and music notation. It is required that all students learn three pieces at a time from different musical periods. Every year students have the opportunity to perform in an annual recital. It doesn't matter whether you are beginner or advanced, a curriculum will be made to fit your needs and talent.

Other topics covered in lessons are:
Warming up
Practice techniques
Mental work the piano
Different piano touches

For more information or to schedule an orientation please contact: martin.lindsy@gmail.com or (714) 458-6874.

Studio Location
Anaheim, California
(714) 458-6874