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Being raised in a family where music was always in the air it was easy for me to decide to become a music teacher. Because of this unique experience I knew how important music is to early development in children. After graduating from California State University Fullerton with a B.S. in Music and Child Development my work at helping some friends establish a Private Pre-School was a good fit. This opportunity let me see firsthand what music does for the developing brain. I later accepted a position in a school district where I worked for ten years. I noticed that incorporating music into the curriculum helped my students retain the information I was teaching.

I maintain high standards of business, ethics and professionalism. My education and experience have given me the ability to teach both children and adults.

I aspire for my students to have fun, be motivated and discover how to feed their souls. My lessons include music theory, technique and style. We meet weekly in their homes or at my studio. The experience of music without performing is nearly lifeless. Recitals play a key role in the developing musician. With the opportunity to perform my students were much more motivated to work at their lessons. I noticed after a workshop or recital that their level of self esteem went up if they had worked hard and did well.

My challenges include helping my students understand the language of music as a motivator for learning and keeping up to date in our ever changing world. This component keeps me busy on several fronts. Beyond this I have personal endeavors such as volunteering as an accompanist at local recitals, teaching mini-monthly workshops as well as performing at weddings and other public gatherings.

I have been successful in helping my students understand the language of piano. I am especially proud to say that I have students who have become composers and professional musicians.

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