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As a piano teacher and professional pianist, I am qualified to teach a wide variety of piano students and musical styles. I hold a Master's degree in Piano and Jazz Studies from Indiana University, one of the nation's top music schools, and have taught beginning students as young as four years old, elementary age children, adolescents and adults from their 20s to 80s. I offer instruction in the following musical styles: (1) traditional and classical piano; (2) jazz piano; (3) popular and rock piano; and (4) popular and rock piano player/vocalist.

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Not only a music teacher, I have also played piano for 15 years at a piano bar in Greensboro; Marisol, a Five Star restaurant featured in national publications and competitions. As an active performer I am able to serve as a real life example to students of the possibilities of what can come of their own musical potential, and I emphasize to them that just as they are learning I too continue to learn and grow as a musician.

I am known for my patience, musical knowledge, and enthusiastic desire to make the piano a permanent source of joy and satisfaction in the lives of students. I have a very loyal and stable studio.


It amazes me how much I have learned! (Meghan, 16)

You have been the best at keeping me interested. (Kevin, 12)

I wish I could see you every day. (Audrey, 8)

Thank you for being my piano teacher. You make my heart fill with joy! (Ellie, 10)

Joseph simply loves the instrument. Plays it all the time...first thing in the morning & last at night. (Joseph’s mother)

Mike has been very encouraging to my seven year old… a great confidence booster. This gives her a feeling of great importance. (Taylor’s mother)

Mike you are such a positive person. When I was not doing well you gave me encouragement. I feel very fortunate to have had a teacher like you. (Paige, 17)

Thanks to you I have a set of skills I’ll be able to take with myself to college and beyond. You’ve helped me develop my deepest passion and favorite hobby, and for that I am extremely grateful. (Ori, 18)

I was in a low point in my musical career but you lifted me out of it. You helped me get into the school of my dreams and helped me realize that music is my life. (Bailey, 19)

What Mike has taught his students is priceless on so many levels, not only as a teacher but he’s a pure human being who understands his students’ needs and wants to share his love of music. (Fox’s mother)

I wouldn’t change a thing. (Scott’s mother)


If you are interested in joining my piano studio and receiving high quality piano instruction that is both inspiring and challenging, please contact me at 336-707-9832 or by email at88keysevans@gmail.com to inquire about piano lessons.

Studio Location
2808 Northampton Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 707-9832

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Marisol - performances by Mike Evans