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Educational Background

Brookhaven College
Piano Performance

University of North Texas
Piano Performance, Jazz Studies


Tailored Piano Lessons
Jazz Piano
▪ Classical Piano
▪ Pop, Rock, Blues Piano
▪ Classical Music Theory
▪ Jazz Music Theory
▪ Improvisation
▪ Accompaniment
▪ Ear Training
▪ Sight Singing
▪ Recording
▪ MIDI Keyboard
Music History
Sight Reading

Studio Overview

My teaching studio, Musical Accents, is located in Rowlett, Texas. The studio offers piano lessons to beginning ▪ advanced level students of all ages. All styles of music are taught, including: classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, funk, gospel, and many other styles. Instruction is also available to students interested in: Band, Theory, Composition, MIDI, Notation, Recording, Beginning Guitar, and Mallet Percussion.

The studio offers lessons to students in Rowlett, Rockwall, Mesquite, Garland, and surrounding areas.

Founded by Stephen Hughes in 2004, he has over 25 years of training & experience in multiple fields of music. Classically & jazz trained, along with a degree in business, Stephen provides the perfect combination of extraordinary musicianship with a professional touch. He is a piano teacher, band teacher, performer, accompanist, consultant, & composer.


Stephen Hughes studied classical piano and music theory from the age of 5 through college. During his high school years, he studied with Octavio Guiterrez, masters of piano performance from UNT. His formal collegiate musical studies were in piano performance & music theory, in conjunction with the University of North Texas music program. During this time, he studied with Brad Beckman, who is a world-renowned piano performer and lecturer of piano pedagogy. He has also studied jazz piano with Jerry Samuels, a well-recognized teacher in jazz piano performance.

Steve is also an accomplished performer & teacher in other areas of performance: rock, blues, funk, gospel & various pop piano styles. He has performed with some of the top cover/corporate/variety bands in the Southwest, including Emerald City, Studio 54, Daughter Judy, & Zuzu Pedals.

He has had many great performing experiences: Touring with jazz ensembles, performing at the Meyerson, hundreds of classical/jazz recitals, along with countless club gigs with bands he helped formed & manage.

Since 2004, he has dedicated most of his musical efforts towards teaching. Currently, he teaches piano/music full-time. He is also an experienced band/ensemble instructor, masterclass instructor, and lecturer. As a lecturer, he has conducted and taught over 20 seminars on various music topics. Continuing to educate himself in the art of piano pedagogy and music education is always a constant and humbling experience. He is currently a member of MNTA & TMTA & Vice-President of MAMTA (Mesquite Area Music Teachers Association).


"I believe students should enjoy lessons and learn a wide variety of styles & techniques. My students become educated musicians & artists who are versatile, skilled, and can perform in any situation."
The philosophy of the studio is to provide high quality, innovative music instruction through a carefully planned curriculum that balances music discipline & fun, using state-of-the-art technology. The studio is equipped to teach the casual adult beginner wanting to play chordal style or the advanced young student who competes on the highest level. Once the initial assessment is completed, each student is placed in a piano program that best fits their needs.
Here are the music programs available to students.

▪ Traditional Piano
▪ Jazz Piano
▪ Pop Piano
▪ Gospel/Worship Piano
▪ SightReading Concentration
▪ Band Keyboardist
▪ Studio/Session Keyboardist
▪ Music College Prep
▪ Recording 101
▪ MIDI Keyboardist

The Studio

When you walk into the studio, there is a certain inspiration that fills the air. Whether you are an aspiring keyboardist in a rock band, a lover of Chopin, or a Miles Davis fanatic, you will feel surrounded by the love of music.

Innovation. Creativity. Technology. These are the ideas that shaped the building of my studio & provide a foundation and groundwork for my teaching philosophies.

The Piano: My baby grand piano is always kept in tip-top condition and is regulated once a year to keep the action precise.

Music Library: From an assortment of theory & technique books to Rock Piano Methods to Jazz piano solos, I have accumulated hundreds of music textbooks, scores, references, etc over the years. I also have access to thousands of music files in .PDF format & backing tracks for rock, blues, & jazz piano.

Lesson Recordings: After every lesson, you will receive an audio recording via email. I personally send these MP3 files to my students to review throughout their practice week. There is also the option of videotaping the lesson, if the student provides a flashdrive with enough memory for 30 minutes ▪ 1 hour of video. At the end of the lesson, I will give you back your flashdrive. Make sure to dump the file onto a hard drive so you won't run out of room.

Professional Recording: Over the years, I have gained experience as an engineer, recording many solo & band tracks. In my studio, I have ProTools 8, high-quality studio mic, and an ambient room to make recording a wonderful experience for the student & teacher. All performance pieces or any piece finished will be recorded and each student will build a repertoire of recorded pieces, just like the professionals!

20,000+ MP3 Songs!: Yes, I have a ton of songs. Whether you need a new piece to work up or a new band to listen to, my library is yours. Part of understanding how to play music is gained by listening to music. The reason you gained an interest in music is most likely because of the way a song or piece affected you emotionally.

Waiting Area: If you are a parent or student arriving early (or staying afterwards), there is a waiting room available with WiFi Internet access, reading material, and a practice keyboard to get your hands warmed up. There is also a computer workstation, listed below.

Computer Workstation: In the waiting room, there is a computer setup with a MIDI keyboard to practice ear training, learning notes/rhythms, using Finale, and other things. Training is provided by the instructor during lesson time.

Studio Location
8802 Deerwood Dr.
Rowlett, TX 75088
(972) 333-3677