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My goal is to provide the foundation that encourages students to reach their highest potential for musical expression in a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Students receive a well-rounded balance of note reading, rhythm, music theory, musical styles, and technique. Playing musically is an important component at all levels.

Students are given help in how to organize and maximize their practice time to gain the most benefits. They have specific goals for practice, which promotes progress and reduces the uncertainty about what to do between lessons. Students are encouraged to come to lessons with specific questions and feedback on difficulties. The ultimate goal is to develop students who can manage their practice and work efficiently for the desired results.

Students are encouraged to study a variety of styles and to express their personal preferences. Repertoire selected or suggested by the teacher is based on the level of the student, the potential for musical growth offered by the piece, the quality of the piece, and appeal.

The Taubman Approach is the basis of my teaching. The fundamental principle is to use the body with the correct motions to allow ease of playing and artistic expression. The Taubman Approach offers specific solutions to technical problems and difficulties.


Over twenty years private piano instruction. Thirteen years experience teaching public school music, directing choirs, musical theater, and instrumental ensembles.

Five years private piano study with Robert Durso, Co-Founder of the Golandsky Institute and Master Taubman Approach Teacher. On-going training with Brenna Berman, certified Associate Taubman Approach Instructor and Adjunct Faculty member of The Golandsky Institute.


Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
Colorado Music Teachers Association (CMTA)
Boulder Area Music Teachers Association (BAMTA)

Studio Location
1514 Seneca Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026