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Greetings from Natalya,

It is a great joy to know how many new tools, methods, techniques, and interventions, are available today to us--people who are passionate about teaching piano. They come not only from high-tech resources, but also from research on the human brain, human behavior, child development, from fast-growing science of Positive Psychology, and from very young, but potentially powerful Performance Psychology for music instruction—where well known American psychologist and music educator, Dr. Marcie Zinn, and her colleagues are pioneering.

Inspired by the brilliant ideas of Dr. Zinn, I give my students plenty of opportunities to perform music of different styles (including Broadway, pop, easy-jazz) and backgrounds. I pay a lot of attention to the development of efficient performance skills, but shift my focus towards engaged-learning process. I work with children (as early as preschool age) and adults (my oldest student, whom I admire very much, is 83), in a safe, comfortable environment, that permits questioning and critical thinking. Utilizing students' strengths, interests, character, developing connections with their families, I help them to see themselves as capable, effective, motivated partners in music education.

My priorities are: musical literacy and creative expression, empowered by good technique and general musical competence. My goal is to create not only expert musicians, but expert, self-regulated learners who know their strengths, their learning styles, who are capable of goal-setting, planning their work, monitoring their own progress, and adapting as needed. By learning these skills, they become effective learners and creative problem solvers in any area of life.

My Background:

With training rooted in the best traditions of Russian Piano School, I hold several graduate degrees with highest honors in the area of music education, including honors in the Masters in Musicology from the State Institute of Arts (Moldova) and a Bachelor's degree in Theory and Piano Pedagogy, from the National College of Music. In 1980, I received the award as the best graduate student researcher at the National competition among colleges and universities for my work, "Genre as a System," and have an article published in the book “Music of the XX Century" (1979 Gorkiy Conservatory, Russia). I have extensively worked with both the theoretical and practical aspects of music. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of Art education, the following ideas are essential to my teaching style:

  • Individualized instructions - aimed for best outcome and positive self-perception
  • Interactive and stimulating work with preschool children based on the newest ideas in developmental psychology and pedagogy
  • Emphasis on sensory system - enrichment of performance through sensing of space, weight and texture
  • Development of Kinesthetic awareness - effective body use and coordination
  • Integration of music with other school subjects
  • Creating an environment of acceptance and trust that is reflected in growing freedom and independence of students

My love to discover music that is not used very often, or sometimes forgotten, is utilized in my work as a Dance Accompanist (since 1995, I have played for all of San Diego's major dance institutions). Through this work, I was able to meet and to know outstanding people and artists, whose names will be forever in world's dance history, including Fernando Bujones, Stanley Holden, Dame Sonia Arova, Allegra Kent, Arthur Mitchel, Jillana, Kyra Nichols, Evelyn Cisneros, Alonzo King, Gelsey Kirkland, Susan Jaffe and world-renowned Master-Teacher David Howard. By the way, there is one quality that unites them all, and it is their incredible musicality.

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Studio Location
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San Diego, California
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