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Olga Diaz is a classically trained musician. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she started her musical studies at the Dalcroze School of Music when she was 5. At the age of 8, she began to study piano at the J.M. Olivares School of Music from where she graduated in 1985 as a Piano Teacher. After finishing high school, she was admitted in the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Central de Venezuela from where she obtained the degree of Medical Doctor in 1991. From 1985 to 1992, she studied piano with the Prof. Bruna Monestiroli (a graduated from Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy, as a student of Alfredo Casella). After working for two years as a physician, Olga decided to dedicate the rest of her life to music.

She moved in 1994 to New York City where she lived for six years. During this time, Olga obtained a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from the Manhattan School of Music (2000). She graduated as a student of Zenon Fishbein (also a graduate from Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy). Afterwards, she studied with Arkady Aronov (former professor at Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory of Music in Leningrad, Russia and now piano faculty of Mannes College and Manhattan School of Music) from 2001-2004.

Olga Diaz has performed as a soloist and as an accompanist in Caracas and New York. She performed in: Sala de Conciertos del Ateneo de Caracas, Sala de Conciertos de la Universidad Central de Venezuela, Sala de Conciertos de la Universidad Simón Bolivar, Teatro de la Comandancia General de la Aviación, and recorded a program for National Television with Nabor Zambrano (Formato Libre) and Radio Nacional with Cristina Assai (Musical Youth of Venezuela). In New York City, she performed at Hubbard Hall, CAMI Hall, and El Museo del Barrio.

Olga lived in Short Hills NJ from 2000 to 2004 where she made a studio of 40 students. In June 2004, she moved to Sacramento, California, where she taught privately in her home until September 2006, when she moved to Walnut Creek.

Olga is affiliated to Music Teacher National Association, Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) Contra Costa Performing Arts Society (CCPAS) and Chopin Council of San Francisco.

Since 2014, Olga has served as Chair of CCPAS Students Master Class and also as Chair of CAPMT Honor Auditions and Contemporary Music Festival for Walnut Creek Chapter of District 5.


The goals of the studio are to enrich the student’s life through the establishment of effective study habits, the acquisition of performance skills and the development of a thorough musical foundation. The studio is committed to provide the programs that can benefit students of all ages and abilities.

The Studio is equipped with two pianos: one Bösendorfer grand and one Schimmel upright; and a library with music literature, recordings and reference materials.

Private lessons are available to students of all levels starting at age 6. Students are provided with 45 or 60 minutes weekly private lessons. Learning an instrument is a complex process that requires individual attention to many details. For this reason, longer sessions are recommended to older children. Each lesson includes Scales and Arpeggios, Technique and Classic Repertoire. To help building a strong foundation, music theory, aural training and sight-reading are incorporated to the lessons.

Students enrolled in the Studio are required to have an acoustic piano in good working condition available for practice. Students are required to practice a minimum of five days a week.

Students enrolled in the Studio are required to have an acoustic piano in good working condition available for practice. Students are required to practice a minimum of five days a week.

Students enrolled in the studio have various exams available on a state, national, and international level. Students may participate in: ABRSM exams, sponsored by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music; Certificate of Merit, Panel, YAG, Solo and Concerto Competition sponsored by MTAC;  Contemporary Music Festival, Concerto Competition, Honor Auditions and Piano Auditions sponsored by CAPMT; Baroque Festival and Competitions, Recitals and Master Classes sponsored by Contra Costa Branch of MTAC; Student Recitals and Master Class sponsored by CCPAS.

Students participating in any of these auditions or exams are required to commit to a one hour lesson to allow for adequate coverage of required technique, theory and repertoire.

A free consultation is offered at the studio where the potential student’s level can be ascertained and matters of materials and scheduling can be addressed.


  • SYS Concerto Competition 2007-2008:
    • David Looi Winner.
  • Sacramento Youth Symphony:
    • Mozart Piano Concerto No.21 K 467, David Looi pianist, 3/9/2008.
  • Baroque Festival 2010:
    • Justin Tan, Kana Yamada, and Yiming Kang received Superior grade and were awarded Plaque.
  • Go for the Gold (Roseville 2010):
    • Kana Yamada (gold),
      o Yiming Kang (silver).
  • Sonata Contest 2010:
    o Kana Yamada: 3rd place,
    • Yiming Kang: 4th place.
  • Baroque Festival 2011:
    • Kana Yamada received Superior grade and was awarded plaque;
    • Ilana Rubin, Mark Deng, Mai Weber and Arjun Govindjee were graded excellent and were awarded blue medal.
  • 2011 MTAC piano solo competition:
    • Yiming Kang: winner for the Northern Section in the second category.
  • 2011 MTAC Convention:
    • Theme Recital: Yiming Kang,
    • Competition Final: Yiming Kang.
  • 2012 CAPMT District V Honor Audition:
    • Age Category F: Yiming Kang Alternate Winner
  • 2012 Mondavi Center Young Artist Competition
    • Semifinalist, Senior Category: Yiming Kang
  • 2012 Baroque Festival
    • Franklin Ho, Lucas Dandelet, Mai Weber, Ilana Rubin were awarded Plaque
    • Mark Deng, Justin Tan and Arjun Govindjee were awarded Blue Ribbon
  • 2012 State Panel finalist
    • Yiming Kang
  • 2012 CCMTAC Piano Master Class with Mack McCray
    • Mai Weber
  • 2013 Baroque Festival
    • Mark Deng and Lucas Dandelet were awarded Plaque
    • Justin Tan was awarded Blue Ribbon.
  • 2013 CAMPT District V Honor Audition
    • Age Category B: Franklin Ho, Alternate winner
  • CCPAS – Walnut Creek 2013: all about Poulenc
    • Yiming Kang
  • Classical Masters Music Festival – Folsom 2013:
    • Mai Weber: Superior grade
  • 2013 CCPAS Students Master Class with Sharon Mann
    • Mai Weber
  • 2013 MTAC Convention:
    • Mai Weber and Juan Pablo Herrera: selected to play in Festival Recital.
  • 2014 Baroque Festival:
    • Omar Alwazanni, Juan Pablo Herrera, Mai Weber, Chang Yu, Mark Deng, and Ariyana Vojdani were awarded with plaque.
    • Lucas Dandelet won a blue ribbon.
  • CCPAS Master Class with Hans Boepple:
    • Lucas Dandelet
  • “Go for the Gold” Competition 2014:
    • Honorary mention: Henry Zhou and Mark Deng
  • 2014 CAPMT Honor Auditions:
    • Mai Weber was Alternate Winner
  • 2015 Baroque Festival
    • Chang Yu, Juan Pablo Herrera, Ariyana Vojdani, Mai Weber were awarded Plaque.
    • Lucas Dandelet, Christopher Riney and Lauren Roberge were awarded blue ribbon
  • 2015 CCPAS Students Master Class with Yoshikazu Nagai
    • Lucas Dandelet and Mai Weber
  • 2015 CCMTAC Piano Master Class with Gwendolyn Mok
    • Lucas Dandelet and Mark Deng
  • 2015 MTAC Convention
    • Christopher Riney
    • Lauren Roberge
    • Chang Yu
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Lafayette, California
(916) 802-2562