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At the Store


When you enter the store, you will be greeted by a sales professional. If you've been to other dealers, tell them you are checking around and visiting other stores too. Even though dealers of the same brands may want to avoid price competition between themselves, you may have some leverage if they know you are visiting a dealer of competing brands.

Ask him/her to show you the best pianos for your budget. Every piano has a distinctive sound and touch and probably only professionals will know the difference. If you are not a serious player, it may be hard to tell which is the best for you except for the finish and furnishing style. In such case, you can ask someone, such as your piano teacher, who can help you to choose one. There are different cabinet finish to consider also. There are many factors you need to consider and the best way is to ask the professionals in the stores you visit.

During your first visit, sales associate will probably ask your address and phone number to put in their system. By doing so, you will have an associate working with you and guiding you until you are able to decide on which piano to purchase. If you do not purchase your piano on your first visit, they will probably follow up sending you sale information in the future. Please understand that giving your information to the store does NOT mean you should feel obligated to purchase from the store.

If you are choosing a grand, since there are various sizes to choose from, ask the professional associate you are working with to give you a paper cut pattern to take home with you. You can use the pattern to measure and see if it fits the space you have at home.