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Things That Affect Your Decision-Making


Before you make a decision, carefully reevaluate these factors that will influence your decision making:

  1. Your Budget: For most people, budget will be the most influential factor on deciding which piano you buy.
  2. The Space and the Location for Your Piano: Does the room have enough space for a grand piano? Is the living room too big for a small upright piano? Will the piano be placed on the upper floor and has to be raised by a crane to put in through a window? All these things should be considered before you make a decision.
  3. Moving Frequency: If you expect to move frequently in the future, a good quality digital piano may also be considered.
  4. Form and Style: A beautiful piano enhances the look of your living room. All major piano brands offer classical and modern styles and various finishes that you can choose from to match the decor and style of your home.