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Making the Final Choice


At this point, you should have narrowed down your choice to just a few pianos. How do you make your final selection? Play the piano and pick the one that you think has the best sound and touch.


First and foremost, you should like the sound the piano produces. Keep in mind that no two pianos sound the same. Some pianos sound warm and soft. Some pianos sound bright and loud. Some have a singing sound but some sound more muted. Even though two pianos are the same brand and the same model, they will have different touch and different tone. These subtle differences may only be recognized by a trained musician who has developed fine listening skills.


Pay close attention to how it feels when you play the piano. Do the keys feel firm and difficult to play? Do they feel very light and like your fingers are going to fly out of the piano, or do you feel you can control the tone? Some pianos are easier to play on than others. This is all because the weight of each key is different from piano to piano.

Ask Someone to Help You

When you are ready to purchase the piano, provided that the price, size and style of the piano is what you really want, it is a good idea to ask someone who plays the piano at a higher level (such as your piano teacher) to try out the piano's sound and touch. This way you will have a third person's opinion other than the salesperson's.