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Quality Upright vs. Cheap Baby Grand Pianos


By this time we should know that a grand piano is superior to uprights in many ways. The only drawback of a grand piano, other than the cost, is that it takes up more space and it is not as easy to move around.

But there is a new trend that you need to be aware of.

"I was going to buy a tall quality upright piano but I found this cheap baby grand. Which one should I choose?"

This is a realistic question that many piano buyers face today. Because grand pianos are more appealing and beautiful in the eyes of most people, there is a strong preference towards wanting to purchase the grand piano. Also, the image of grand piano is closely related to many famous concert artists. However, unfortunately this preference toward grand piano also resulted in a somewhat downside effect. Companies started producing extremely small baby grand pianos with a cheaper price tag. Some of these pianos have very small soundboard and short strings significantly compromising the quality of sound, especially on the bass notes.

If you are in a situation as such, it would always be better to ask someone who plays the piano at a higher level (such as your piano teacher) to try out and compare both pianos, evaluating sound and touch and give you an opinion as to how she/he feels about that instrument. This way you will have a third person's opinion other than the salesperson's.