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Piano and Composition Lessons
Maria de los Angeles Esteves

I believe in a holistic approach to music. Learning piano with me is fun and inspirational. I offer much more than just mechanical repetition. I give students a deeper understanding of music, encouraging creativity and exploration through free improvisation and the composition of simple songs and ideas to strengthen the knowledge of music theory.

I am not only an experienced piano teacher and classical pianist, but also an experimental musician, improviser, composer, songwriter and multimedia artist, with credits in radio, film and stage.

Short Biographical Information

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1970. In 1991 I graduated from the Music Conservatory of San Martin in Buenos Aires with a Music Education and Piano Instruction degree.

I've been teaching music since I was 19 years old, when I started with my own piano students and taught in Kindergartens and Elementary schools. Between 1991-1995 I taught Music Theory, Music Education, Piano, and Music History at the Conservatories of Madariaga, San Martin, and the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires.

In 1997 I obtained an Orchestration degree from the Paris Conservatory and a Film Music Composition degree from the Ecole Normale de Paris, France.

In 2001 I graduated from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, The Netherlands, with a B.M. in Composition (Instrumental, Vocal and Electronic Music). While living in Europe, I taught private piano lessons and music lessons at private institutions.

I've been teaching private piano lessons in the United States since 2002, where I am a member of the Music Teacher's Association of California and the National Music Teachers Association.

I can teach lessons in English, Spanish and French.

Right now I am taking lessons in Alexander technique, and continue upgrading my piano pedagogy and technique by taking private lessons, workshops and seminars.

For more info and testimonials, please go to my website www.pianomaria.com

Studio Location
(949) 413-7273