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I teach students of all ages and abilities. My aim is to help you achieve your potential by teaching you proper technique and choosing material best suited to your personal needs. I run the Sokol Piano Academy, a specialist piano school promoting a way of playing that reduces as much tension and stiffness as possible, leading to controlled and expressive playing with minimal extortion. Students have achieved outstanding results in a short space of time.

My Primary Goals

  • I teach students how to learn.
  • I match my teaching to the student's learning style (and not the other way round).
  • I motivate my students by empowering them and introducing possibilities

My Interaction with Students

  • I will never be angry if you make a mistake.
  • I will never be angry if you ask a question.
  • I will only be upset if you do not try. If you do not try, I cannot teach you.
  • If you do not understand, it is my fault, not yours.

My Foundations

  • Piano lessons should be fun.
  • Trying is often more important than succeeding.
  • Piano study is not always going to be easy, but it should be satisfying.
  • Exploration and creativity is encouraged.

Fully qualified (BA Oxon MA ARCM) with 15 years of teaching experience.
Oxford University Music graduate.

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Studio Location
London, U.K.
020 7431 6536