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I teach piano lessons to ages 4-18 beginners through level mid-intermediate. Piano lessons are 1/2 hour in length. I charge $25 a lesson per student and lessons are once a week.

I teach from the Faber Adventures method books for all five levels. When the student starts level three, I start to implement classical concepts and music. I will in the future have a ½ hour computer lab to accompany the piano lesson. This will be a no-fee addition.

I use incentives such award books, piano dollars, and sheet music to encourage student to keep eyes on music, practice technical assignments, memorization and participate in OMTA (Oregon Music Teachers Assoc.) events, and to complete piano method levels.

I have a recital in the spring, which includes awards. Parents, relatives and friends are invited.

I am a member of OMTA, (see above) which allows the option (not mandatory) of students participating in OMTA recitals, syllabus, and festivals. Some of my previous students have been noted for honorable mention in the composition & syllabus events.

In my youth I took lessons from the age 8 until age 16. I played piano for my church during my high school years for meetings and special numbers. During my junior and senior year of high school I played keyboard bass/sang back-up for a soft rock band. I was involved in choir and band in high school. I played clarinet, oboe and bass clarinet in band. I also played piano for high school choir. After High School, I attended Idaho State University. During college, I played for church, took music courses and composed a few songs.

The next 8 years I played for my church and school choirs. When I started raising my child, I accompanied Hailey Idaho Middle school choir for two years. I then started teaching piano for a couple of years. In 1997 we moved to Sherwood, Oregon. I started taking mentor lessons on teaching piano. I did this for 4 years along with being an active member in the Oregon Music Teachers Assoc. Tualatin Dist. Being a member of OMTA gives me the opportunity to attend monthly meetings, lectures, seminars, and conferences. I have been teaching for 18 years.

If you have any questions call me at 503-860-2598.

Renee Masanque

Studio Location
Sherwood, Oregon
(503) 860-2598