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I was born in Bucharest, Romania. It was there that I started my musical journey at the age of 6.

At age 12 my family moved to Israel where I continued my musical education. I graduated from the Musical High School in Jerusalem, subsequently, as a scholarship recipient of the America Israel Cultural Foundation; I received my B.A. in piano from the Rubin Academy of Music.

During summer master classes at the Rubin Academy, I studied with Leonard Shure. Upon completion of my B.A. I followed him to the University of Texas at Austin where I completed my Masters Degree in Piano Performance.

Subsequently, I studied privately in New York City both with Menahem Pressler and André Watts.

It was in Austin that I met cellist Harry Clark who became my life partner. We started Chamber Music PLUS in Hartford, Connecticut and later on brought it to Tucson, Arizona. As part of the Clark-Schuldmann Duo and as soloist with orchestra, I have had the good fortune to perform on most every important stage in America including Carnegie Hall, The Library of Congress, and record a dozen or more albums of established repertoire and music composed for me by many of America’s best composers.

I taught for the better part of my life, with a large private class of youth and adults in the Greater Hartford area, and a long tenure at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. My students won many local, regional, and national awards during this time.

Since moving to Tucson, I took a sabbatical from teaching. I have missed it as many of my past students have become family to me. This is why I am now eager to open my Tucson studio and to contribute to a new generation of students.

My Philosophy about Teaching

I believe that most everyone can be a wonderful player. I know I can teach anyone to play well and proficiently. Playing the piano is quite scientific and when a student has a problem it is usually because the musical phrasing and the technical mechanism are in conflict. I do not believe in endlessly repeating a passage. I work with my students to figure out problems and fix them. My students leave the lesson with precise instructions of what to do to successfully accomplish their assignments.

I take pride in viewing every student as an individual, with his or hers personal needs, hopes and aspirations. I do not believe that one method fits all. Therefore, my teaching is highly individual and tailored to each student’s requirements.

I think that learning piano, the most important instrument for a good musical foundation, offers a student limitless opportunities for self-expression, self-assurance, discipline, and the joy of accomplishment.

I see myself not only teaching piano lessons, but teaching my students young and “mature”, about life. This inter-personal connection empowers students with higher self-esteem, encourages them to take more chances, challenges their physical skills, and opens up other worlds including dance, art, literature, science, and psychology. My job as a piano teacher is to help each student make these discoveries.

Teaching children requires a certain type of personality and character. I love children and I am very patient in encouraging their skills and focus in music, but I do have high expectations from my students. To date they have never disappointed me. Because each child learns differently, there is not one prescribed regimen. If you as parents have any suggestions or information that you think will help me become more in tune with your child’s needs, please do let me know. I value parents’ input and will make every effort to incorporate it into our lessons.

Adults are not that different from children. I like to think that most adults are just overgrown children! We all desire to please others as well as ourselves, and we all need to feel comfortable about how we “perform” in front of other people. I am keenly aware that we do not need any additional opportunities for self-doubt but rather utilize success and accomplishments with the piano work to bolster self-confidence, and nurture the exuberance one gets from a job “well done” and from overcoming limitations. Moving past all the self-imposed barriers clears the way for learning how to enjoy all the music, mistakes and all.

Taking piano lessons at any age is a form of discovery; a student’s search for his or her true inner-self, and his or her relation to the world around them. This journey is shared by the teacher; one of the many joys of this noble profession.

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