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As a music educator it is my goal to always provide a thorough approach to the study of music with a professional attitude and genuine concern for the progress and well-being of all students. It is my belief that every student should find the process of learning music to be rewarding and I will always strive to give support and guidance as well as an appropriate amount of challenge for each student's individual needs.

For the beginning student, instruction focuses on developing musicality first, by studying rhythm and aural exercises that introduce the student to the foundations of music. Students later begin to study reading, technique, theory, improvisation and composition in a variety of styles. For students who have previously studied music, instruction focuses on working carefully with each student to discern where study is most needed to further the student's abilities in whatever skills most interest them.

As a teacher, I have a very personal approach developed out of my own struggles and successes. Because I am persistent, caring, and genuinely sincere, I believe that I can help all students accomplish a higher level of musicianship and a greater understanding and appreciation of music.

My studio is located in Downers Grove and I am also available for lessons in your home.

Studio Location
Downers Grove
(301) 787-2479