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Ms. Todd has a Master of Science in Teaching, and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Oregon. She holds an Oregon State Teaching Certification License for grades K-12 and has taught general music, college classes, and 5th grade.

Sherry is a classically trained pianist with outstanding ability to play by ear, transpose and advanced studies in theory and technique. In addition, Sherry is a jazz solo performer and entertainer here in Portland with small groups and big bands for over 15 years.

No one is more versatile or more fun to have as a teacher. Sherry is an expert in many styles of playing, not just classical, loves teaching, and is equally effective with children and adults.

"First and foremost, music is to enjoy!" she believes. "Along with learning pieces, it is critical that students learn the patterns and theory. This is what creates the ability to play absolutely anything at sight, and to play it well. Once you have learned the scales and patterns, you can recognize them in any piece of music. Starting with an experienced teacher ensures that you will progress".

Studio Location
Southwest Portland near I-5 at Capitol Hwy & Barbur Blvd.
(503) 245-6318