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Tetyana Lutay is a piano teacher who knows she is destined to teach. She understands how to communicate with students, and release the passion in them. From the time she started to give lessons at the age of sixteen, she knew teaching would be a career for life. Tetyana was a natural at interacting with her students and felt at ease when communicating her knowledge to others. Her philosophy for teaching lies in the basic belief that music should be fun and expressive. The way she teaches piano to beginners is to engage them through games and activities away from the keyboard, and offers all her students a teaching style that encourages their development of musicianship, individuality, and love for music. She has plenty of patience with her students and has a unique approach for each one.

About Tetyana:

Tetyana hopes to use her global experience to help children and adults living in Seoul, Korea, achieve their dreams in classical piano. She provides classes at her studio near Gangnam Station and in some cases at the students’ houses around Seoul.

At the age of seven, she started to take piano classes in the Lugansk Music School in Ukraine, were she was born. In the age of fourteen, Tetyana was accepted into the College of Music in Piano Performance. Tetyana became focused on becoming an extremely well-rounded pianist. Tetyana understood that the more knowledge she gained, the more her future students would benefit from her. After graduating from the College of Music, Tetyana was accepted to the very selective Prokofiev Music Academy of Piano Performance. This academy contains a professional music college for gifted children, where Tetyana was working as a piano teacher of students aged six to seventeen. Tetyana prepared students for keyboard proficiency examinations and couched for participation in the Sergei Prokofiev International Competition for Young Pianists, where her students won numerous prizes.

Tetyana's enthusiasm for teaching continued to grow over the years. An active solo performer of chamber's music and as accompanist, Tetyana gained practical experience by working for the Lee Star Entertainment music company, Korea, Seoul.

After several years she continued her studies in Buchman-Mehta Academy of Music in Tel Aviv taking Prof. Michael Boguslavsky piano class. For a year Tetyana was studying in the piano class of Prof. Emanuel Krasovsky, co-founder, artistic director and faculty member of the annual Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes in Israel. Tetyana has appeared in music halls of Israel and got many awards from festivals and competitions.

Tetyana also diversified her portfolio with European piano school. She enjoined piano studies with Prof. Dimitri Alekseev(Royal College of Music in London), Prof. Stanislav Pochekin, "Concervatorio del Liceo" de Barcelona and Artistic Director of the International Piano Competition in Andora, Spain, Prof. Felix Gottlieb, Sttutgart, Germany. Tetyana also participated in many festivals in Europe, among them "Internationale Klavierakademie" in Germany. Some of her awards include many merit scholarships from the University of Tel-Aviv, Switzerland Scholarship Center and Ukraine Funds.

In Israel Tetyana also set up her private teaching in Ramat-Aviv School of Music "Alionot". She quickly filled up her classes with students ranging from 5 year old children to adults. Her students performed at annual recitals and workshops. From 2007 to 2010, Tetyana worked with the Tonara Ltd, an Israeli high-tech company specializing in music recognition technology. In this period she helped develop various innovative music software projects for professional musicians and adults that enabled them to improve their music skills in the easiest way possible. Tetyana later demonstrated these music recognition algorithms to the company's clients.

Tetyana then spent two years in Philadelphia, United States. She had helped students from various age groups in Pennsylvania and New Jersey realize their performing potential. Some of her students later succeeded in the best academic institutions for classical music.

After moving to South Korea, Tetyana opened her piano studio in Gangnam area, center of Seoul. She continued to couch talented piano performers from all over the world.

Studio Location
Seoul, South Korea