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Graduated as a Professor of Piano, with Honors, from the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, Italy

Graduate, post-professorship, from the Perfection Academy in Salzburg, Austria

Professor's W. Kuntz has studied under
Samuel Rodetsky (San Francisco, CA)
Madame Dinu Lippatti (Geneva, Switzerland)
Paulo Rio Nardi (Florence, Italy)
Alexander Liberman (Berkeley, CA)

Performance Experience

Traveled and performed solo concerts throughout Western Europe

Professor Kuntz formed and conducted a 30-piece marching band for the U.S. Army (8th division) in Baumholder, Germany.

Teaching Experience

Over 30 years of both private and school teaching Classical Piano, beginners through advanced.

About William Kuntz

Professor Kuntz has a passion for classical music and the piano. Professor Kuntz finds great fulfillment in extending his knowledge to those who have a sincere desire to learn.

Studio Location
Fairfield, California
(707) 301-8900